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“I have had the great pleasure of working with Eduardo since 2006 off and on a variety of projects.  A few things that have always stuck me about Eduardo’s work is the quality and the amazing speed in which he gets it done, but more so, his great vision and passion for the spaces that he is contracted to work in.  If it be in renovation, addition, production or custom building, Eduardo always goes above and beyond what is asked of him to ensure that his customers (and he) are truly satisfied.”

– Austin Freeman, General Contractor, A.C.F. Construction LLC


“During our bathroom renovation (that ended up beyond our expectations) I made a comment to Eduardo about my desire to have a new master closet, but I was skeptical about how much it would cost. He promptly suggested a couple minor changes that saved us enough money, and in 3 days he delivered a brand new master closet. We love our new bathroom and new closet!”

– Rebekah Owen, Myrtle Beach, SC


“My husband and I were planning a full kitchen remodel for about 2 years, but the price was always out of our budget. Eduardo took matters into his own hands and showed us how we could do it right even on a tight budget. The savings were so significant that we decided to change the ceilings too. Granite counter tops, antique solid wood cabinets, and higher ceilings… can’t get better than that!”

– Monica and John Mitchell, Little River, SC


“I had the pleasure of working with Eduardo’s crew back in 2005 when I was framing for a large corporation. When my wife and I decided to buy a house and our money wouldn’t give us the size of house we needed, our decision to buy an older house and remodel was backed up by Eduardo’s knowledge and ability to envision exactly what we wanted. 2 months after our closing date, we were in a ‘like new’ home that was completely remodeled for a fraction of the cost that it would have taken for us to build a new one. Thank you!”

– Martin Rodrigues, Conway, SC

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RAES Ventures is a fully licensed and insured custom home builder specializing in affordable Mediterranean style homes built from Myrtle Beach to Northern Virginia all the way to Brazil. RAES Ventures also provides a variety of general construction services. Whether it's a new home build or a remodeling project, the beauty is in the details.

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