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Renovations and Remodeling

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or simply renovate it, RAES Ventures has the knowledge, experience and desire to help bring your visions to fruition. We work hand in hand with you to get that new look you’ve been dreaming of and we do it in a respectable time frame because it’s our goal to improve your life, not complicate it.

So what’s the difference between remodeling and renovating?

Well, although both ultimately have the same desired result of improving the overall look of a space, there are definable differences. A remodel is the altering of a structure and/or use of a structure while a renovation is the restoration to a former and/or better state.

In simpler terms, if you were interested in changing the layout of a room in your home, which might include tearing down and rebuilding any walls, you’d basically be taking on a remodeling project. Alternatively if you were simply looking to replace existing floors or counter tops with newer products or simply removing carpet to expose hardwood floors you’d be looking at a renovation.

Whatever your need and however it’s defined, you can rest assured that we can make your dream a reality. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Go here for examples of some of our renovations and remodels.

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RAES Ventures is a fully licensed and insured custom home builder specializing in affordable Mediterranean style homes built from Myrtle Beach to Northern Virginia all the way to Brazil. RAES Ventures also provides a variety of general construction services. Whether it's a new home build or a remodeling project, the beauty is in the details.

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