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Frequently Asked Questions
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Are consultations free?

We take consultations as part of our trade and most of time they are waived with the agreement of performing the work. However if there is a necessity of a consultation without any compromise with contracting our services a fee of $75 will be charged. 100% refundable in case we are contracted.

What type of construction projects do you do?

We are able to handle any kind of project. With our professional home building team at your disposal, there is no such a thing as a project that is “too small” or “too big”. We concentrate most of our work in new construction, building your future home from the ground up. But we don’t limit ourselves to that being a great part of our scope any construction related services like: foundations, framing, roofing (metal, ceramic tiles), siding (vinyl, cement boards, shake, stucco), drywall, flooring (ceramic/porcelain tiles, stone tiles, all wood flooring, carpet, stained concrete, etc.), stone counter tops, and screen porches.

Who handles the architectural and design work?

We have a select professionals that we like to work with. However, the choice of your new home designer/architect is as particular as choosing your home builder. We are more than happy to direct you to one of our business partners or work with you with the designer of your choice.

Who supervises my project?

That’s one of the points where we differ from most of the big-builders. As owner, operator, and chief contractor, I am personally involved from the very beginning of your home building project. I will have a constant presence on the job site. No phase of the construction goes without my personal inspection and approval.

How long will it take to build my home?

In 90% of the cases a six month window is necessary to be able to build your home. This time frame can be as short as 3 months, it really depends on the complexity of the structural and architectural factors of the house.

What is the time frame for my remodel/renovation?

Remodeling and renovations are a particular part of the trade. Every situation is unique. We try to carefully evaluate the conditions and extent of modifications or additions, and most importantly, account for the unexpected. We always make a  thorough analyses of what we are getting into and in most cases, we are able to predict upcoming situations. However, hidden problems are always a possibility.

Do you have a warranty?

We are proudly backed up by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty company. For over 30 years, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has been an innovator in the home warranty business, providing comprehensive home warranty services.

Our 10-year insurance-backed, ‘New Construction Structural Warranty’ is the most used and best recognized warranty in the home building business. And our one year ‘Renewable Systems and Appliance Warranty’ offers the most comprehensive coverage available

Where can I build my house?

Any where! We go where you want your new home to be built.

Are the homes fully customizable?

Every home is customizable. Of course there are some financial limitations, but most of it will be limited to the investment you are willing to make.

What style of houses do you build?

I have a particular affinity for Mediterranean style houses, but that doesn’t limit our knowledge or our capabilities to build any other style you may envision.

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RAES Ventures is a fully licensed and insured custom home builder specializing in affordable Mediterranean style homes built from Myrtle Beach to Northern Virginia all the way to Brazil. RAES Ventures also provides a variety of general construction services. Whether it's a new home build or a remodeling project, the beauty is in the details.

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2-10 Warranty
We are proudly backed by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.
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